5 O’Clock Drinks

by Christopher on

At the end of the day you will probably want to enter a relaxed state where you do not have to worry about work or any stress you might be feeling. If this is the situation then you will not find a much better place in Perth than at the Gramercy for beer and cocktails. At the Gramercy Bar and Kitchen you can come in with your colleagues and enjoy a great environment and some great brews and cocktails. You will find everything you need here, from multiple different brews of ales and lagers, to amazingly mixed cocktails, and even just a glass of wine. The Gramercy Bar and Kitchen provides a fun ambiance and comfortable seating environments with both booths and casual tables available for any person who comes in. With your drinks you can even get a few bites to eat while at the bar. You can get some amazing sandwiches and burgers from Gramercy to go with your ales and lagers. On the other hand you could even order a proper gourmet meal to go with your wine. The options are endless and there is something there for every person.

You could also make a booking for a business lunch. You could be having a celebratory meeting or you could be planning to woo a potential client or customer. Whatever the occasion, coming to the Gramercy for beer and cocktails along with a meal will be a great decision. You have the choice from a huge menu of food items that includes things like slow roasted pork bellies, sirloin steaks, and even a selection of fresh fish that is gotten from close by fisheries. You can make a booking to come in and get a lunch table booked, or you could even try to get a table on a walk in basis.

Written by: Christopher