Achieve Fitness With As Little Equipment As Possible

by Christopher on

A lot of fitness gurus will tell you that your own body is the only gym you’ll ever need to stay fit and while we don’t completely disagree with them on that, we feel like this shuts out a lot of things for those of us who want to work out effectively. You can indeed achieve great results through callisthenic exercises but even if that’s your plan, there are certain pieces of equipment that you can still benefit from quite a lot.

Even if you’re relying on the weight of your own body to work out, you’ll still need a pull up bar at the very least so you can manoeuvre yourself effectively. One piece of gym equipment that everyone should have is the rowing machine; this single contraption can offer you so many health and fitness benefits that it’s hard to pass it, even for those of us who hate going to the gym.

You don’t need a gym membership just to be able to use a rowing machine since these things are fairly cheaper to buy than other pieces of equipment that you’ll find in a gym. Rowing machines are also much smaller and easier to store as well, making them the ideal piece of gym equipment to have at home. You can read reviews about the best ones out there from Shrewd fitness before you start looking.

These machines will tone up your entire body in no time once you start exercising on them regularly. In addition to this, they’re a great way to train your endurance; a 30 minute rowing workout will push your heart up like anything and make you breathe much faster too – as a result, you’re basically guaranteeing that you never have any heart problems ever.

Written by: Christopher