Get Yourself Familiar With Strict Product Liability

by Christopher on

If you have suffered at the hand of any sort of product and you are planning to sue the manufacturer of the product then it is a good plan of action but first you need to decide on what basis are you going to sue the manufacturer because there a lot of basis and claims that can apply to such a situation. You can always contact a lawyer to learn about the different claims or you can continue reading the article as we will be discussing the different claims and how they apply in different situations.

When you are going to be filing a case for strict product liability, you would need to go to a personal injury lawyer for this as he/she would be better equipped to handle your case rather than an all rounder lawyer who claims to handle all sorts of claims.

A strict products liability is when a customer suffers at the hands of a product in some way and the degree of suffering could be anything and then the customer files a complaint against the manufacturer of the product in a court in order to sue that company. Now another important point to know is that there are around 3 defects that can be a part of such claims and you should be aware about all so that you can make the right kind of complaint.


This type of defect is a problem that occurred during the manufacturing of the particular product which is why the issue occurred.


In such a case, the defect occurred during the designing process of the product and design is the main problem.


A common defect is when the manufacturer does not market the product right and does not provide clear instructions.

Written by: Christopher