Going Island Hopping: What You Need to Bring Along

by Christopher on

When you have finally set aside the time and budget for you vacation, everything else seems like it is slowly falling into place and you can’t help but count the days left till you can finally relax. Now, if you plan on vacationing in the Philippines, regardless of whether you are going alone, with friends or family, you will find that there is something for everyone there.

The Philippines is full of diversity, cultural symbols, important landmarks, food and shopping districts and whatnot. If you are going to be travelling beyond the city, you will find thick forests, lakes and most importantly islands. The Philippines boasts thousands of islands under its name and their most popular ones are known for their coral and aquatic life, some islands have bird sanctuaries, white and pink beaches and parties that last all night. However, if you don’t have enough time to visit all the islands, you can simply opt for a Cebu island hopping cruise or tour. This way you get to visit a number of islands in a short period of time. Now before you embark on your adventure, make sure that you have the following necessities with you.

Sunscreen is very important. You’re going to be under the sun for a long period of time, so make sure you carry a tube with you at all times.

Extra towels for when you go into the water.

Avoid bringing in valuables with you on the boat since they can get lost or stolen.

Bring shoes that you are okay with using roughly since you might have to walk a certain distance in water before you can get on the boat.

A small emergency medical kit is also recommended. While the cruise ship might have one as well, it’s still better to have one of your own.

Extra fluids and snacks to stay active.

Written by: Christopher