How to Carve Out a Lasting Place For Your Brand in The Fashion Industry

by Christopher on

The fashion industry is known for being incredibly fluid like, it is constantly changing along with society’s likes and dislikes, trends come and go and it is really hard to tell that which next step will a brand take that will be in the right direction. Building a brand and then making it last in this industry is, for many, a daunting task that one has no concrete way of besting. The question of how to build a brand in such a saturated and constantly changing industry has been recently discussed on “Inside the Industry”, an event series that tries to connect the coming generation with breakthrough talent and inform them of the various opportunities out there.

The series’ third edition hosted three well-known names in the fashion industry and discussed various challenges with them, one of the guests stated that in order to make your brand last, the first thing that you have to do is focus on your product. Building your product and delivering it effectively comes before building your brand, one should be able to contribute to the society on which they plan on operating. There is bound to be risk involved, but being risky can be healthy in the fashion industry since it can increase the number of options available to you and help you stand out from the crowd.

The three guests seemed to be adamant on emphasising on the product, according to them, one should know what they want to do with their product and how and where are they going to fit it into a wider culture. After all, fashion is a vital element that defines and effects society, and in order for your brand to last, you need a product that can have enough influence on society.

If you can get your product right then the public will automatically forgive and forget any mistakes that you make, clearing your path to establishing your brand, many well-established fashion brands of today have followed the same philosophy and this is what has helped them, come so far.

Along with talking about getting your product right, the guests also talked about how marketing has shifted over the years in publicity, media and retail, discussing how to make people take note of your brand, how to make them realise that you exist and build on their awareness levels from there. The best way to make people take notice is to connect with them and the environment in which your brand is operating, this is where cultural relevance comes in, a brand should not be confused about what sort of culture are the operating in and who are they marketing themselves to.

Overall, the series discussed how to deal with the challenge of constant speeding up of what is relevant and what it takes to become successful in this market, the three most important elements being passion, curiosity and enthusiasm.

Written by: Christopher