How to Pick The Right Pickleball Paddle?

by Christopher on

If you know how to play pickleball properly, that is a great thing because pickleball is actually a great game, and it is a lot of fun. However, it can hurt you as well if you are not being careful about it; the good thing is that it does not hurt as much, and injuries are not severe. Keeping that in mind, if you are looking for a good pickleball paddle, then the market is going to be flooded with them, and it is going to be entirely up to you to buy the right paddle.

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The Length of The Paddle

The first thing that you should consider whenever you are buying a pickleball paddle is the length of the paddle, or the handle, for that matters. This is important because if you don’t consider this, then you might end up buying a paddle that is not good enough. So, make sure you consider this beforehand, and everything will be fine.


Weight is another thing that you would need to consider if you are in the market looking for a pickleball paddle. Most people I know totally ignore this, and while it might be a good idea for some people, it never is a good thing because you are basically going to lose money, because you will not be able to play the game properly, and it is never fun playing with a peddle that is incredibly heavy. So, keeping that in mind, I would always ask you to avoid any such situation.

Written by: Christopher