How to Play Foosball?

by Christopher on

We all play different kinds of sports or games in order to have a thrilling experience and at the same time do what we love. Some people prefer playing sports that are played within the walls of their house such as various board games while other prefer outdoor sports that involves physical exertion more than strategic analysis.

You might have seen someone play foosball at a sports club or in the university and this table game is rapidly becoming popular all over the world and many international level tournaments are being held at different locations. Before getting a table or taking part the game somewhere you must be aware how exactly to play this game and what are the rules.

Basically it’s a table game that is inspired by the movements and actions performed by soccer or football players and it mimics the concept of throwing the ball in the opponent team’s goal. In order to play the game 4 players are required in total with 2 team members on each side. You have 4 rods on your side with 13 figures that act as an obstacle for the ball and also launch an attack to the rival. As the game begins your main objective is to score 5 points before your opponent team successfully makes those points and have to constantly defend your goal.

In some cases, when both the teams are playing in a competitive way the ball might linger in a particular portion of the table for substantial amount of time. This is the reason many players agree on setting specific time limit for the ball to linger in any patch on the surface making the game more challenging. Check out the webpage of Get Foosball to find information about sport foosball table.

Written by: Christopher