How to Recognize a Shady Tutor

by Christopher on

This article is especially for the parents who hire tutors for their children and not so much for those college students that hire tutors for themselves. There are have been countless cases in which the kids’ tutors turned out to be bad people that often messed up the academic life of the student or in some traumatic cases, the tutors have been monsters as they hurt kids mentally and physically. No parents want their kids to be taught by a tutor who is not emotionally and mentally stable but they often end up hiring just that and the kids suffer which is absolutely terrible. No matter how good a tutor may seem to you, never ever leave your kid alone with the tutor and make sure that the tutor teaches your kid in an open space where you can keep an eye on them all the time.

You can always watch video on youtube about the topic or read this article as we will be highlighting some of the qualities of a shady tutor which will help you recognize one and stay away from such people and if such a shady tutor is already teaching your kid then fire him/her immediately.

Absence of Information
The telltale sign of a shady tutor is when he/she cannot provide any solid background information (previous jobs, basic personal information etc.) about himself/herself or hesitates in handing over that information to the parents of the kids.

Body Language
The body language of a shady tutor can at times alert you i.e. if they seem too fidgety, angry or nervous then there is something wrong. If you ask them about their criminal record or tell them to do go through drug testing and they hesitate or retreat then there is trouble.

Written by: Christopher