Motel vs. Hotel?

by Christopher on

No matter where you live or where you currently work at, it is more than likely that you have stayed at a hotel or a motel at some point in your life for leisure or business related purpose. People especially use these commercially available lodgings when they are traveling to some other city during a vacation or long holiday. Going for a specific option can depend upon the number of days you are away from your home and what your expectations are from these temporary places to stay.

Hotels are more modern and professionally built compared to typical motels which are just suitable for those looking for some rest during their travelling period. Hotels have a categorization and rating based on their standards, management, and maintaining long term relationships with customers. Most hotels are constructed in major cities and exceed five to seven stories. Whereas, motels are mostly poorly built and are usually single story as they are not made for long-term stay and cannot accommodate large number of people.

Most hotels are redesigned almost every year so that they can maintain their brand image in the market and at the same time attract more clients that are usually foreigners. Even the locals consider staying in a well-known hotel for a day or two to enjoy the level of comfort and luxury they provide. If you have ever stayed at a motel, you might already be aware that they don’t have trained staff and do not really have much to offer. Hotels on the other hand, hire highly competitive employees who go through hotel management studies and have the skills to deliver high quality of services. Most restaurants have services such as swimming pool, bar, and laundry. Beales is considered the best country hotel and you should check them out.

Written by: Christopher