New York’s MoMAs Pick of 111 Items That Had a Role to Play in Deciding The Last 100 Years of Fashion

by Christopher on

London’s Museum of Modern Art’s latest fashion exhibit has come out after 70 years and the vast number of items displayed in it have left a lot of viewers completely puzzled. The exhibit is going to be viewable till 28 January and consists of over a hundred different kinds of accessories, garments and various other wearables. The main concept behind this exhibit is to display items that have had a significant impact on civilisation over the last 100 years, you will find items produced by a large number of renowned brands here, including iconic clothing such as the suit, the little black dresses, and fashion items such as tattoos and more.

The collection itself is incredibly huge, taking up the entire sixth floor of the museum to display a number of historical apparels and clothing designs that have acted as “templates” which designers have used to produce some of the latest fashion. In this exhibition you will find Chinese cheongsams dating back to the 1930s that inspired Issey Miyake’s iconic turtlenecks that Steve Jobs used to wear. You can also look at a number of highly rare and highly fashionable items there as well, such as a celebrated 1966 Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking Suit, along with items that look mundane but have had a critical role to play in modern fashion; a couple of examples being a Champion Hoodie and Levi’s 501s.

An apt way to describe this sprawling collection of items and to make better sense of it is to think of every item in the exhibit as stereotypes which provided designers with moulds into which they could fit their ideas and create something new while at the same time keeping everything inside of the vast ecosystem of the fashion industry. The result being designs that are not bound by factors such as social issues or technology, designs that hold enough power that they can have a considerable influence over society as a whole.

The experts behind this exhibit wished for their project to leave people bewildered and awed, forcing people to see the connections between various clothing articles and realise the fact that everything is in fact, under one huge and invisible umbrella. This exhibit has been name “Is Fashion Modern?” a title that asks people to think along the lines that the curators intended, and just like the last fashion exhibit held in 1944, the core objective of this setup has been to help people get a different perspective on clothing and start looking at fashion in a more deeper manner.

This exhibit contains all kinds of branded items, some of which may seem silly or out of place, but once one begins to understand the exhibition’s motives, they are bound to find a new found appreciation for the fashion industry.

Written by: Christopher