Printed Canvases

by Christopher on

When most people think of a canvas, they think of a painting hanging up on a wall. People associate canvases with painting the most because they mostly only see paintings being made on a canvas. If you had to associate photographs with something then you would think of a photo frame. However, you might find it surprising to find out that not only can you frame a painted photo, you can also put a printed photograph on a canvas.

Printing out a photo on a canvas can have a much better feel to it that a photo that is framed an put up. The concept of a framed photo is common and it is something you expect to see so much, that you miss it even as you look right at it. A framed photo simply blends in to the background of a house. You never really see it yourself unless someone points it out or if you are immensely bored and just focusing on random things. A canvas photo, however, will grab your attention with ease. We always tend to notice something that we are not used to seeing, and most people have never seen a printed canvas photo.

Getting a printed canvas is not difficult either. You can even get it made online directly by simply going to a website that lets you get photos printed, like for example. All you need to do is send in a picture of the image in a size that the website has specified and in a certain format, and they can make a printed canvas photo for you of the picture that you sent in. if you have a long panoramic photo or a photo of a landscape, you could even get a multi canvas print done and put them next to each other.

Written by: Christopher