Real Estate Agent vs. Home Buying Company

by Christopher on

If you are looking to sell your house, there are two possible directions you can take, you can either go for the traditional route and hire a real estate agent and get your house listed, or you can contact a home buying company near you and have them buy the house from you. If you happen to be confused between the two options, you can keep on reading below for a quick comparison of the two.

The process of selling your house through a real estate agent is a slow one. You will have to get your house listed, and then wait for potential buyers and this entire process including the closing can take months or even years depending on your case. The process of selling your house through a home buying company, however, is a lot quicker. There is no listing or waiting period since they will simply inspect your house and then give you an offer within the next 24 hours, and once you have agreed to the amount, they will then buy and close the deal within the next 7 days, making it a great option for people who want to sell house now Denver.

Secondly, the agent process also ends up costing you money. You will have to pay the agent fee for their services, for listing your house and so on. Plus, you will also have to get work done on the house like renovation and so on in order to increase your house’s worth and making it look appealing. With home buying companies, you do not have to pay any additional fees since service and everything is free. You also do not have to get any work done on your property because the home buying company will purchase your house as is.

Written by: Christopher