Should You Go For Invisalign or Not?

by Christopher on

It is not uncommon to hear that people think that their teeth are imperfect in different ways. A common problem that is seen is that teeth are not perfectly aligned which can create problems for the individual but the good news is that there are quite some effective ways to treat it and one of them is invisalign which are basically invisible aligners. You might have heard that they are way better than braces but it depends on the individual and the treatment that the dentist see fit for that particular individual.

If you feel that your teeth are not in the right order then you can always go for invisalign after consulting a dentist about it. Even though invisalign is not a new thing, it is still not being done right everywhere which is why it is better to go for best dentists Atlanta as they would be able to carry out the whole treatment right but let us find out whether you should go for invisalign or not.

Type of Teeth

Invisalign is recommended for people who have lost or most of their baby teeth and have permanent teeth. For people who have baby or milk teeth, braces are recommended as the teeth are still developing.

Level of Misalignment

An important point to remember about invisalign is that they are perfect for teeth that are slightly out of alignment and the type of alignment is not uncommon. It does not treat severe cases of misalignment, braces are better for such cases.


You might feel that invisalign is a much better option than braces because it includes no wires, brackets or any sort of steel traps but it requires a lot of dedication to the treatment as it takes time and care.

Written by: Christopher