Super Store Review

by Christopher on

Like many things can now be reviewed over the internet, a United States based super store chain has now opened up a way for their customers to give them a feedback session.  The super store is called Kroger’s and it is the largest super store chain in the United States. Like all businesses they too run on a few goals and values, the most important one being customer satisfaction.

A lot of the business is built on keeping great relations with customers, and they always encourage feedback being given to them. With the help of the internet and the connectedness it offers, they are able to get more feedback than ever before. They use the website Krogerfeedback to make it easier to collect all the reviews that people would need to send in for individual stores or for the whole chain as a whole.

The reason something like this is a great step is because a lot of people feel that when they do leave reviews for places or businesses that provide a service or product of some sort then they are ignored and not really given any importance. With this initiative, all your reviews are sent directly to people who are in charge of bringing change and it can make a real difference to the stores and the services they provide, thus making your entire experience much better. They also have an entire system that rewards people for giving them reviews and encourages people to give more reviews more often. You can win a cash prize of a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, win points for the loyalty card, win gift cards, and items through their review process. All you have to do is go online to their website and review the last trip you made there.

Written by: Christopher