The Difference Between Detailing And Cleaning

by Christopher on

If you haven’t ever got your car detailed, you’d think that it’s just a very thorough way of cleaning it. Well, you won’t be entirely wrong for having thought so but once you see the results for yourself you’ll realise that detailing is less to do with just removing dirt, it’s all about attention to detail – hence what it’s called.

You’re cleaning your car every time you take it to the wash and if you’re feeling a little extra love for your vehicle, you might get your car waxed as well. Some of us love spending hours cleaning our cars at home as well and even though we try to be as thorough as we can, we can never achieve the same results you see after a mobile car detailing team has detailed your car at your doorstep.

Car detailers are car cleaning experts who not only just remove dirt from your vehicle, they turn back the hands of time till your car is all good as new. Sure, they might not be able to reverse the millage on your engine but they can most certainly make all those swirls and discolorations on your car’s paint go away. As a result, your car’s entire exterior looks like you just drove it out of the showroom for the first time, despite however old your car might be.

Headlights can be restored by buffing and cleaning till they sparkle again and all the grease and dirt embedded in the engine bay gets washed all clean off. After a mobile car detailing team has done what they do best to your car, it will feel and look fresh and new again. If you detail your car once every two years or so, your car will never look like a used vehicle and will have great resale price.

Written by: Christopher