Trimming Your Dog’s Nails: Why It’s Important

by Christopher on

If you are someone who really loves pet but grew up in a house where you weren’t allowed to keep pets for whatever reason, the idea of moving out and finally getting a pet of your own is a fantasy. So, once we do end up finally moving out and are able to finally get a pet of our own, regardless of what pet you choose for yourself, you are going to end up hearing a lot of arguments from people who will bring in their unwarranted opinions. These arguments could be regarding how you choose to feed your pet, your choice of shampoos etc.

When you get a dog, you’re going to hear a lot of people argue about whether or not you should cut their nails. The correct answer here is that you are supposed to regularly trim their nails, and we are going to elaborate on why that is below.

The nails of the dog species are continuously growing, just like ours. So regardless of whether you look at a wolf, a Chihuahua or a Mastiff, their nails continue to grow. Wild dogs end up wearing down their nails since they are always out hunting on rough terrains etc. This doesn’t happen for domestic dogs since they don’t have those kind of activities, as a result, they end up with numerous problems like causing a lot of pain and strain to your dog’s feet, making it difficult, and even painful for them to walk. In some cases, your dog can end up breaking or splitting their nails which requires veterinary attention. It becomes especially difficult to trim their nails when they are grown out since the area becomes sore, becoming very painful for your pet. Hence, why you need to make sure you buy dog nail clippers as well.

Written by: Christopher