Weight Loss Your Own Way

by Christopher on

It is a sad fact that children as young as 6 will know what a diet is and at the same time, children as young as 10 start dieting. It doesn’t make sense for a child to start a strict diet unless they have been told to do so by a doctor. Fat shaming actually starts from a very young age, so when children start hearing their peers make fun of them, they go on a “diet” because it’s what they have heard. This trend of dieting from such a young age puts one at risk of developing an eating disorder or body-image issues. There are millions of people that are diagnosed with eating disorders annually, yet this isn’t talked about.

Given the amount of pressure we are in to look a certain way, it makes sense why so many people succumb to extreme measures to lose and maintain their body weight. We know a lot of people that are on restrictive diets that cut out either sugars, fats or carbohydrates entirely. We also know people who spend 2 hours at the gym as well. Now if you are looking to lose weight, you do not have to follow these trends.

There are a lot of other ways to lose weight rather than restricting yourself and overdoing it at the gym because those can be dangerous in the long run. You can always visit a nutritionist for a better idea about how you can consume healthier calories. There are a lot of other ways to get exercise in other than the gym as well, this can include spin class, aerobic, pilates, dance classes, CrossFit etc. So, you will find something that you will genuinely enjoy and lose the weight that you need to in the process as well.

Written by: Christopher