What Are The Most Popular Sports in The World?

by Christopher on

People have different motives and goals when they embark on a journey of playing a certain sport which includes pursue career, maintain a good physique, or and simply just have a good time.

Many outdoor sports that are played on an international level have huge amount of fan-following which usually is around millions of fans and enthusiasts. The popularity of a specific game can be impacted by its television viewership, number of sponsors, and sports facilities in that certain part of the world.

Sports journalists face difficulty deciding the placement of various games in the top ranking and each year the order might be changed due to many external factors. Boxing is considered one of the top combat games that are played on a large scale event such as during the Olympic Games. The titles of heavyweight belt and featherweight champion is transformed to different players in most of the championship and the game has several fans in all of the continents.

The increasing popularity of Grand Prix has made Formula-1 a globally followed sport and its viewers can be found in most of the countries. This single-seat car racing game started out in Europe and in order for the cars to qualify for the championship every year they have to go through evaluation that is set by the board.

Most of us follow FIFA World Cup tournaments and it’s no wonder that the sport of soccer is considered to be the most played and most viewed game in the world. Cricket has more than 2 billion fans globally and is mostly played and liked in commonwealth countries such as England, Pakistan, and India. Meulemans Cricket Centre provides the best gear and products related to cricket for the most affordable price rates.

Written by: Christopher