What You Need From a Translator

by Christopher on

With over 800 different languages spoken all over the place, New York is definitely one of the most diverse cities in the whole wide world. Although most of the people already living in New York know the Lingua Franca a.k.a English very fluently, there are so many tourists, business men and students coming to New York from all over the world, there can be language barriers that make it hard for foreigners to get by in the city.

Fortunately though, there are many translation firms all over New York that make it easier for such people to communicate with New Yorkers. Now, if your aunt from Italy is coming to New York for a visit, you can hire pretty much any translator who knows both English and Italian to help her get around the city and interact with people. However, if you’re expecting to do business with a foreigner, you’ll need to be very careful about who you hire for translating.

According to a blog post on Buzzfeed US, there are certain qualities that you should look for while hiring a translator. Here are some.


If you’re hiring a translator for more critical work, it makes sense to do a proper back ground check on the person you’re giving the job to. You should look for things like where and how they were trained and what proficiencies they have attained in the target languages.

Native Fluency

Words carry meaning but how they’re said can change that meaning in anyway. Only a native speaker of a language can pick up on the undertones of what a person is saying and convey them effectively. The translator you hire should be fluent in both languages and a native speaker of the language that your client is speaking.

Written by: Christopher