Why Age Shouldn’t Restrict You From Having Fun

by Christopher on

We tend to associate certain things, interests and characteristics with a certain age. So, you can only like cartoons till you are 14, crying becomes restricted to boy once they become teens and so on. The problem with these restrictions is that you are putting people’s likes and interests in a set box. What this does later on is make them want to “maintain an image” and force themselves from liking things and activities they actually enjoy. Of course people who don’t keep up with these restrictions are labelled as outcasts and have a negative perception in our head, even though we would love to be like them.

As adults, the restrictions get stricter ranging from the kind of clothing that is acceptable to the alcohol you choose to consume. It is important for us to realize that maintaining this image and denying ourselves to the right of having fun the way we actually want to will only make us more miserable in the long-run. You will feel uncomfortable at first, but once you realize the futility of keeping up looks, you will begin to enjoy yourself a lot more. As long as your fun isn’t hurting you or someone else, you shouldn’t deny yourself.

So, the next time you throw a party, you can go all out. Get a bouncy castle, get a laser tag or paintball circuit installed. You don’t always have to be “classy,” in fact you will find a lot of other people who will join in with you. You can opt for a software for party rental in order to set up the necessary equipment and audio-visual aids as well. A party is only a party if everyone is actually having fun, and that includes you as well.

Written by: Christopher