Youth Housing

by Christopher on

All over Canada a trend has been seen amongst people in the 20 to 35 year old age bracket and where they prefer to live. While a large amount of them are still opting to live in traditional homes in the suburban areas of the country, even if they have jobs in the city close to the suburbs, a pretty big part of this demographic is choosing to live inside the city for a number of reasons.

The younger generation of adults is putting off marriage as something they will do later in life and are focusing on themselves and their own careers. Fewer people want to live so far away from the areas where they work and spend time in social gatherings. People are choosing to live in the city and do not feel the need to move out to the suburbs to settle down and start a family sooner.

With the idea that it is socially acceptable to now have children later in life, people are building their lives in the cities and are then creating their own homes in the city for their families to settle down in. So while young people who are still moving around are sticking to rental apartments, the people who want to own their own property and plan on settling down are buying condos. This has become the trend for younger people. Start out with an apartment on rent and then save up enough to settle down in the city in their own apartments once they are ready to have kids and get married.

A lot of companies have noticed this and have started capitalizing on the potential customers who will be looking for places to live within the city. For this reason central and easy access condos, like the Lakeside Condo, have sprung up.

Written by: Christopher